Aratula Hoedown II – Band Info

A little info about all the bands playing at Aratula Hoedown II / Markystock 2016 / Markys 50th. There is a lot of personal connection and love with every act here! Also every act here could be the headliner – all 10 acts are absolutely awesome – and I can’t wait for this one!
When someone said “what do you want to do for you 50th” all I could think of is to hang with a heap of family and friends, have a few lagers and watch the best damned live music out!! ~Marky

Heavy Roller 10:45-11:30
heavyRollerHeavy Roller are exactly what their name suggest. I remember years ago ole mate Jeff Lovejoy asking me if I knew Luke Earthling as he thought we would get on,… Well a couple of years later I have the pleasure of getting to know Luke and realised Jeff was right – great bloke – awesome taste in music – total fanboy. I then realised I have seen Luke in many bands from Rollerball to Heavy Roller (“I can see a pattern forming” ~ Tim Steward) over many years. Luke also used to run one of the best little indie labels, Rhythm Ace Records. Teamed with Dwaine du Plesis on vocals/guit, Gator on Bass and Cracker on Drums Heavy Roller remind me of the love child of The Melvins and KiSS. Like many of the acts playing at this little shin-dig, Heavy Roller have an awesome rhythm section, Gator and Cracker drive home that pound, with Luke Earthlings riff-o-rammer, diddly-wah-cherry style guitar athletics supporting Dwaines aural assalt on the vocals. Heavy Roller play as a team, each for all, but a team of virtuoso’s.
The Rared…. 9:45-10:30
theraredEverytime I have seen this band they have blown me away, each time they get better and better and better, and they are some of the most decent lads you’ll ever meet as well. Hailing from the northern rivers end of NSW, The Rared have been playing in and around Brissie for some years. Their guitar heavy riffing and working of almost tribal beats bring out a savagery in their music, you can dance, jive or rock out hair heavy with these guys. Billy (singer/guit) and I met over a mutual friend at a gig one night, old mate Dave Mullen and Billy know each other from Byron and NSW Splendour in the Grass shows, either way a music based bromance began between me and The Rared!! When you hear them – you will know what I mean!
Dr Bombay 8:45-9:30
drbombayDr Bombay are the real deal – rawk AND roll! Harmonies, great arrangments, great vocals and kick arse rhythm! Their debut album “Dose” in my humble opinion was one of the best things to come out of 2014, getting a song in at number 26 of the ZZZ Hot 100. This is foot to the floor guitar pop of the highest order, Gary Slater, one of the Voodoo Lust originals, fronts the mighty Dr and writes a fair bit of their music – his abilities as a front man can’t be denied as he generally ‘owns’ any stage he walks on. Stew DeLacey is a seasoned professional on the axe, playing in such early seminal acts in Brisbane as Mad Parade and Mona Lisa Overdrive, Stew now lives in Rosewood and to me is a now a ring-in local! On the bass Mr Greg Baxter, damn this man can pump a rhythm! Like Gary, Greg is rock n roll ‘royalty’ in my books, but I love his attitude of “not resting on the laurels of yesterday – today is what counts” and he certainly lives that attituden when he and drummer, Joey Thurbon, combine to be one of the tightest rhythm sections out.
markyMarky & friends 7:45-8:30
OK… here’s the drill, Weezal can’t play, as Timmy our bassologist had an accident and can’t play for a while. So Dirt, J, Mick, myself and a ring-in or 2 will be doing some accoustics – watch out Dusty Stockroute might even make an appearance 😉
TPTaleena Peck (TP) 6:45-7:30
Taleena Peck is really starting to make a name for herself, not only in her home area, but up north in Townsville, Airlie, she has played shows at The Milk Factory and The New Globe down in Brisvegas. Her slightly awkward style gives a hint to the charming girl that TP is. Mind you I am biased, I have known her since she was about 5, have given her guitar and voice lessons/jams when she was growing up. I always tried to encourage her to find her own ‘voice’ and not just emulate her idols. TP I believe has done that, she writes songs about her family her life, her perspective and even the odd surprise cover. For me TP is about the closest thing I will have to a daughter, so watching her grow up playing like she does is a beautiful thing – you’ve done good Pecky 🙂
milfudCameron Milford 5:45-6:30
It’s funny how you meet some of your favourite muso’s. Cameron and my little bro Tim went to primary school together and had organ and piano lessons with the same teacher, I even helped his dad out with some computer problems! Little did I realise Cameron ended up getting into acoustic folk/country. Tim mentioned this to me so when putting together a show a couple of years ago I gave Cameron an opening slot as he got back from ‘an overseas’ trip. I didn’t realise his overseas trip was playing and recording in the heartland – Nasville Tennessee. When Cameron played, his honest uban-folk-country feel gave you the feeling you were listening to a rambling musical poet, which in many ways describes Camerons songs. Cameron has recently played with the like of Danny Widdecom (The Wilson Pickers) at “The Last Waltz” tribute at The Triffid.
dirtDirt Petty and The Drinkin’ Posse 4:45-5:30
Well, where do I begin with Dirt Petty and the Drinkin’ Posse. Of all the country and western / country rock I’ve seen in the last couple of years, Dirt Petty and the Drinkin’ Posse are stand alone the best in their category. More twang than Carl Perkin’s with that lovely slide ala Buck Owens. The boys have two major recordings under their belt and their current “Whiskey & Western” is a must. On a personal note I’ve know most of these guys for 25-30 years. Gatling Graham Jackson played in Funknose with me in the early 90’s, Deputy Den I’ve known since his “Horny Toads” days of the mid 80’s, Bayou Ben Heath I’ve only know since the Posse was put together, Rambling Ross Mclennan has been one of those people I’ve known of around the traps and since Posse I’ve got to know – each one of these gents including Dirt are quality.
Dirticus I first met playing a show at the OutPost in the mid 80’s with Dirt and The Rebels. Dirt is about the best onstage (and offstage) performers I’ve worked with, his voice is gravel-and-gold and he is often a perfectionist with a vision. To me he is as close as a brother, we can fight like brothers and love each other like brothers, playing with Dirt in Barb in the mid 90’s was an incredible experience!
toxicsThe Toxic Garden Gnomes 3:45-4:30
What can I say, I’ve know these guys for about 30 years and they are just about the best band I’ve seen spring from SE Qld, and I’m putting them there with Screamfeeder and Powderfinger. Mick, John and Dave are incredible! These very talented musicians are some of the most creative, inspiring people you will ever see on a stage. The Toxics have played just about every stage worth playing. The have played with the likes of The Church’s Steve Kilbey and the incredible Margot Smith (RIP). Originally known for their zany, funk/punk rock approach in the late 80’s The Toxics received much acclaim and notariety for their single “The Far Queue” (a song I once thought was written for me ;). Personally for me – their cover of Foxy Lady in the Orient days is the one I always think of.
ironSideIronside 2:45-3:30
I have to thank Bob Lee for my Ironside addiction! I didn’t know who they were untill Bob put us on the same bill at one of his infamous Rock N Roll BBQ’s. I think it was the Mustang Bar about 4/5 years ago. As they were setting up I thought to myself “who’s this bunch of twats, another 3-piece riff thing – ho hum” And then I was educated in the ways Ironside, Dan’s voice blends that early 70 Led Zep feel with the gravel-roll of some nice grind-core, his guitar – a sonic wall of post Gun Club blues and rock. Disco on bass shows why this man is in demand, playing in Ironside and The Dirty F-Holes keeps him in training which is needed to match MC Bang Bang, aka Ben on the drums. When ever Mondays are tough in the office I put on IronSide “Self Entitled” turn up the volume!  LATE NEWS JUST IN: it appears Disco will be here, but may not be playing, so Dan’s 13 year old neice is filling in – apparently sounding awesome
punxiePunxie and the Poison Pens 1:45-2:30
One of my favourite Brisbane bands of the current time. Their in your face blend of powerpop-punk hits you like the years worth of solid playing most of these guys have done. Punxies vocal range, tone and rauchus on stage activities make their set of songs (and one very lovely cover of Fox on the Run) an incredible show. Clinton Mahony on bass (Brisbanes wildman of punk, who also fronts Eat City) and Matthew Day on guitar (Matt and Marky played in each others first school day bands back in about 1980/81) provide the backing and their new drummer (yep so new I don’t even know his name) is apparently one of the best, kick arse beat machines in existence!